Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our customers do not have a problem applying themselves. We do provide full instructions with every vinyl that is an easy to follow step by step guide, if anything is unclear we are also on hand to help advise. We are working on a video as well. We also recommend you apply your vinyl as soon as it arrives, in case you come into any difficulties we still have time to help!

In most cases it will come as one big sheet that has been designed to the measurements you provided us with when you ordered. (The only time it will be in more than one piece is if it is for a very large mirror, over 1100mm at the shortest end). It is much easier to have your design made this this, as the layout and spacing are already there for you, so you don’t have to worry about lining up every table and laying individual tables!

Yes of course, you can order just the vinyl part for your plan or welcome sign or order of the day etc. You are welcome to email with the size of the mirror (minus the frame and any bevelled edges) and what wording you require, to receive your quote.

For a vinyl sticker, I will need to know the size the sticker needs to be before starting your draft. This is the size of your mirror (minus the frame or any bevelled edges) or any other flat surface you are using (minus any border you wish to leave around your vinyl). Preferably in cm.

Yes! All the products listed under ‘Glass Mirrors’ section include the mirror and vinyl writing. They make for a wonderful keepsake from your big day and many customers hang them in their home afterwards. You can also remove the vinyl stickers if you would like to revert the mirror to its original state.

You can remove them and it won’t damage the mirror if it is done correctly. If there isn’t too much text you can pick it off yourself or if there is more text you can use a clean window scraper to remove more at once. Then if any adhesive is left behind, just use a regular household cleaner to remove with a cloth.

Yes, simple images can be added that work well in a black and white image. We have had all sorts of requests since we have started, from hearts, penguins and snowflakes, to the more unique; badminton court lines, comic book symbols and football badges!

No, the design is made up of individual stickers, which were cut out of your vinyl colour of choice. It comes on a backing sheet, which is used to apply the stickers to your mirror/surface, then peeled away just leaving the stickers behind. This therefore doesn’t affect the quality and effect of the mirror, which in our opinion is the best result you can get!

Feel free to message us or email me at for personalised advice.

We currently have our mirror products on display at a local florist shop, you can find them next to Byfords at 112 Eastwood Old Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 4RY. Open 7 days a week.

Yes! When you order and send your plan through, I will check I have everything I need and will begin you design. Once a draft is ready I will email it over to view. You can then check for any spelling mistakes/typos/missing name etc, then request any changes to the design/layout. Once you are 100% happy with the design you can sign off the design for processing of your order. It will then take 1-2 weeks (depending on the item) for you to receive your beautiful design!

We are based in Rayleigh, Essex, U.K. You are more than welcome to collect any orders, we can arrange a time and day when needed.

Our website is not currently set up with the correct shipping prices, but we are just starting to offer this service. All of our products can be shipped worldwide now, except for our glass mirrors which are just too fragile to survive a journey like this! Not to worry though, you can source your own mirror locally and then apply our vinyl sticker for the same effect!

See under our easel listings, the description includes which mirrors they are recommended for. If you still aren’t sure then drop us an email and will be happy to advise –

There are plenty of options for you! Our mirrors and A1 acrylic/chalkboards fit up to 12 tables plus a top table or approximately 130 guest names at a maximum. If you need more tables/names, we could use more than one mirror or A1 sheet. Or an A0 sheet. Or you could source your own large mirror and apply the vinyl sticker yourself. All options are considered bespoke orders, so please message or email me and I can advise what is most suitable for your table plan and prices –